Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Braised Fish, Italian Style

Upper West Side Citarella--my favorite fish market in NYC!

Here is one of my favorite tried and true fish recipes. It's hearty and healthy and makes a great meal all by itself with the artichokes, mushrooms, and carrots. You only dirty one pan and end up with a fabulous dinner--just serve on a bed of arugula. I like using tilapia, halibut, or cod with this one.

Braised Fish, Italian Style
Adapted from James McNair’s Fish Cookbook

2 lb very fresh petite artichokes (or 1 can)
5 T fruity extra-virgin olive oil
8 oz fresh porcini mushrooms (or assorted mixed)
Sea salt

1 c finely chopped yellow onion
¼ c finely chopped carrot
2 T coarsely chopped garlic
1 cup dry white wine
2 lb fish (salmon, tilapia are good here)
2 anchovy fillets
1 T minced fresh thyme
Lemon wedges
½ cup pinenuts
½ cup basil chiffonade

fresh, fresh, fresh porcini mushrooms!

Steam artichokes or drain can.

Heat oil to medium in large, deep sauté pan, or braising pan. Cook mushrooms for 5 minutes and season with sea salt.

Add onion, carrot, garlic, and wine to the pan. Cook 3 more minutes. Transfer to a bowl.

Reheat pan, adding a bit of oil, if needed. Sear fish, 2 minutes each side. Transfer mushroom mixture back in. Add artichokes, anchovies, and thyme. Bring to a medium simmer. Cook for 4 -5 minutes, until fish is cooked.

Squeeze lemon wedges over finished fish, add pine nuts, and sprinkle basil on top. Serve.

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